Andy Heart

Ok, so this is going to sound totally lame but when I first found Andy Heart’s blog, I felt breathless. I looooooove her style. You can tell she is a graphic designer. She just has that design eye.


There are so many beautiful design pieces on this blog. Great shoes. Clean, simple jewellery. In fact that’s how you’d describe her style – clean and simple. And so inspiring.

This site reminds me why I love fashion, or really style more than fashion (to get all sanctimonious about it). The shoes or the necklace that make you smile; that are your secret weapon on a bad day.

It is so refreshing to find a site full of good design. In fashion good simple design seems to get hidden amongst all the loud dross.

Of course all these beautiful pieces are outrageously expensive, but I just like knowing they are there. After looking at lots of crazy street style silliness, it is nice to visit a site full of beauty.