Bloggies 2014

I’ve been browsing the blogs in this year’s Bloggies.


Some new (to me) web-sites that I’ve checked out, and I reckon are worth visiting are:

  • The Fox is Black – Wow. Wow. Wow. Beautiful design stuff. Straight to the top of my bookmarks. (Finalist Best Art, Craft or Design blog)
  • A Beautiful Mess – Full of inspirational, beautiful images. Lots of handmade, crafty, creative ideas.  (Finalist Best Art, Craft or Design blog)
  • Craft Fail – I guess there’s similar stuff out there, but I did laugh out loud at some of the fail photos. (Finalist humorous blog).
  • Illustrated with Crappy Pictures – I don’t usually get into parenting web-sites but I love the humour of this family. I started looking at one post and was hooked. (Finalist humorous blog).
  • Tracy on the Rocks – I reckon she should have been in (and won) the best writing section. Lovely short, well written blog stories. (Finalist humorous blog).
  • The Pioneer Woman – Just visit her home page to see all the amazing food ideas. (Has won best food blog 3 times already).
  • Small Dead Animals – Lots of links I haven’t seen elsewhere to funny things or science. (Winner of Best Canadian blog. Finalist Community and Lifetime).

Sites that I already knew about, and have bookmarked already but are still worth noting:

  • What I Wore – An OOTD site. I share Jessica’s taste and find her site inspirational. (Finalist in Fashion blog).
  • Manrepeller – OK everyone has heard of the Manrepeller. I’ve always been put off (repelled) by Leandra’s street style photos but actually her blog is kind of great. (Finalist in Fashion blog).
  • Go Fug Yourself – funny (and a bit mean) red carpet fashion police (Best Fashion blog 3 times already)
  • Jezebel – “Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women. Without Airbrushing.” (Best Entertainment blog)
  • Loobylu – an Australian illustrator in Canada (Best Designed blog 3 times already)
  • Apartment Therapy – As a owner of a small home who lives with 2 hoarders, this site was made for me. I love a good storage solution. (Finalist Best Art, Craft or Design blog)

OK. I can’t help myself. Here’s just one photo from Craft Fail.



  1. Love love LOVE finding new blogs to follow and so flattered that I made your list!! Excited to continue to check out your site and stumble on even more things to distract me from getting my work done 🙂

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