More Blogs to Try

I have set myself the project to find some more Over 40 Style blogs to add to my list, but it is going to take a while to whittle them down. Boy, are there loads of blogs out there!

The First 25

So to start with here is a short list of the first 25 Over 40 blogs that I think are worth checking out:

 How did I get this short list?

40+ Style has a massive database of 300+ Over 40 blogs. I went through this database and selected blogs that met my criteria. (I still have 165 blogs to go).

 Basic Criteria:

– it was a STYLE blog (this meant that lots of awesome blogs I found were culled because they were too diary-ish).
– the blog wasn’t half filled with ads or broken links or used some 90s template.
– the blog was updated in the last fortnight
– each blog entry didn’t start: sorry I’ve been busy

– either I found myself reading each entry
– or I loved the images. There was good photography or advanced styling or illustrations or links to shopping items that matched my taste.

I had to get honest and cull blogs that I just knew I wouldn’t regularly read.

UPDATE: Check out my up to date list of Over 40 Style blogs here.