Things I am grateful for….

Total Immersion

I had stroke correction classes in the Total Immersion technique in February/March and have been practising ever since.

The joy in gliding through the water is huge. It doesn’t always happen, but often and oftener for part of a lap I can get it all together and it feels incredible.

If you swim, but don’t do Total Immersion technique (or similar), then you are missing out. I now swim faster without flippers than I did with flippers, with less effort and more joy.

I actually don’t want to stop sometimes.

Don’t chase speed. Let speed come to you.

Lemon Crepes


Yesterday I had the most amazing lemon and sugar crepes. I know pleasures like this are not a long term answer.

On the other hand avoiding all pleasures in life, going to the other extreme, is just miserable.

As part of avoiding wine o’clock I am trying to plan small pleasures each day. And these crepes were heaven.




Not full-time work though. Work has been patchy recently (and I’ve been sick so the timing was actually perfect).

I got a small job and just… loved it. Using my brain was fantastic.

(Too much time at home alone does my head in. I start getting obsessed with cleaning.)

I think I am one of those people who will still work after winning the lottery or after retirement. (What happened to me?)


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