A Work Week of Outfits

Here’s the kind of thing I wear each week to work as an over 40 freelance consultant. I work on corporate web-sites.


I had to go into my consultancy office, but didn’t have to see any clients so I wore my comfy black jeans. It still isn’t very cold here so this woven trench from Trenery was all I needed.

Simple blue


A client meeting but they aren’t very formal.

Simple Black with Pencil Skirt


Another visit to the consultancy office, so black jeans again. It’s getting a bit colder so I wore my new green wrap cardigan.

Simple green


Working from home the whole day. I put on the nice skirt and boots for my daughters dance concert in the evening.

Kilt and Boots


Working from home all day. Caught up with other parents after school for a couple of hours.