Make Up Your Mind

I recently went and bought some new make up. This is a twice a year event for me as I am not a huge make up fan. However I do need to wear it to work (I think it is unprofessional not to) and I occassionally need the pep-me-up of a face of slap. Anyways… I did good. Sometimes I just totally regret my purchases when I get home – like the time I only realised a few days in that my MAC foundation had this terrible yellow tinge that made me look jaundiced – but this time, so far, it’s all good.

Now I am no expert, so my technique is just to go to a store and get the experts to advise me. Sure, sometimes, an ill natured cow will sell me something unsuitable, but mostly the women working there are just lovely and fun, and they like people like me who have no clue and let them play.

Anyways… what did I get?

Firstly I went to Mecca Cosmetica and spent my life savings on some new foundation and primer. Totally worth it.

I love this foundation. It is super expensive but I have to say, totally, totally worth it (do you sense my desperate need to justify such decadence?). It works miracles on my old skin and makes it look amazing.



What helps I think is this primer, which smells like rose. It is like having a daily massage. I only wear primer on work days (it’s my idea of economising) but this smells so nice, it is hard to resist.



Next up I went to MAC. The other part of my routine is to go to MAC and get them to choose a new blush and eyeshadow for me (one day, one night). I absolutely LOVE the night eyeshadow – Club. It’s a great combination of green, grey and black. Not too dark. Not too eccentric but a bit different.


All that glitters is actually a repeat purchase for me for day. It is a few shades darker than my actual eyelids.


Plus my blush this time – Gingerly – is the best yet I think (a nice mix of pink (Blush baby) and brown (Buff)).


Also the makeup lady showed me a better way to apply my mascara. So all in all, I am feeling pretty fancy.

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