Perfect Cover

A great mini ipad cover from Kikki K.felt_ipad_mini_case_detail12


What I liked about this cover was that it was a) felt b) lined c) had a leather clasp d) had a pocket for my ear phones and e) was $20.

I had spent ages looking at all the options on Etsy, and although there a many tempting, fun covers at the end of the day it was hard to go past the $20 price tag for a felt cover. Here are some of the ones on Etsy that I liked:

il_570xN.406029054_1hbl il_570xN.428624199_3xzd  il_570xN.434421978_qokd  il_570xN.462008661_rms8 il_570xN.508956308_evux il_570xN.611808742_lhm8