Total Immersion

If there is any one reason why posting has been light here in the last few weeks then blame it on my new obsession with swimming. I bought this iBook about the Total Immersion style of swimming (Perpetual Motion Freestyle in 10 lessons), which includes a video for each lesson with a set of drills to practice.

The improvement in my swimming due to a few tweaks is just insane, and addictive. For example, just one simple lesson reduced my lap time by 4 seconds. I can not believe I am able to swim so easily now.

I did actually start in February with Stroke Correction classes at the local community college. That was a good start and introduced me to Total Immersion swimming. I continued to practice after the classes ended but then I started to feel a bit lost.

So I bought the iBook and re-started from the very basics. I am getting more out of the early steps this time around. Points that I missed the first time, now make sense.

The videos are the way to go (more than the book) as it really helps to see someone else do it. Also I watch each stage multiple times. It helps to do some drills, re-visit the video and then do the drills again.

I am obsessed. I love it.

(Tim Ferriss of Four Hour Work Week is a fan too).

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