I like keeping a list of relaxation ideas because whenever the urge to relax hits, I always forget what to do.

  • Go for a walk outside with an audiobook or music.
  • Swim. Do my Total Immersion drills.
  • Have a shower.
  • Tidy the house.
  • Garden. Sweep up leaves.
  • Do a cryptic crossword (CRUX).
  • Meditate (headspace).
  • Get a coffee and drink it in the park or at the beach.
  • Visit a new suburb or somewhere I haven’t been for a while.
  • Visit IKEA.
  • Browse a bookstore.
  • Browse Imgur
  • Read a book
  • Browse goodreads. Add some books to my To Read list.
  • Write a list of ‘things to worry about’ versus ‘things that I’d like to do but don’t have to do’.
  • Call my mum.
  • Organise lunch with a friend.
  • Go out for lunch by myself.
  • Browse cat or dog videos.