Blog Round Up

Some recent interesting events from some of my favourite bloggers on my Over 40 Style Blog list:

Nikki at Styling You published her book Unlock Your Style.


It must be so much fun to write a book like this and then get to style all the pictures. I’d love to do that. What I would hate is the publicity tours. It looks terrifying! I’m not too bad at public speaking (not too scared I mean). But being interviewed? On TV? Hell no.

This interview with Nikki on The Writers Centre site is worth a read as she talks about the logistics of running a money making blog, and how her book deal came about.


Some great sandals were seen at The Mom Edit.


I love these with a passion. They are flat. They are comfortable. They are $76 including postage to Australia. They are going to be mine.


Kim from Girls of a Certain Age wrote this article on being 50, which is quite confessional but also it resonated with me – about the roads not taken, the moments of vanity, the moments of not caring less – and it gave me hope that by the time I’m 50 I can reach a happier place.




Kat from Does my Bum Look 40) and Amanda (from The Online Stylist) attended a Hush Clothing launch. I’m glad it isn’t in Australia as I would spend too much money.




And me? I tried to enjoy the little pleasures. Like being here.