This season it looks like The Slide, The Espadrille, The Brogue and The Sneaker fight it out in the shoe trend fashion stakes. Which is awesome given that they are all flat shoes.

Or maybe I am just blanking the high heel shoe trends after deciding never to wear high heel shoes again? (I’m tall. They are uncomfortable. Can’t do that shit no more. I walk like a drag queen when I wear heels).

Summer is coming and I need a new pair of work shoes, new black sandals (my old pair were on their last legs at the end of last summer) and some new trainers (when I exercise-walk I wear my last pair of joggers that I used to run in before my back broke 3 years ago).

Anyways on a rainy Sydney Sunday, when kids soccer is cancelled what better way to pass the time than to lie in bed with a coffee and browse the online shoe shops? (What a time to be alive!)

These black sandals from Saba are perfect. I love the ankle strap. Two years ago I bought a pair of sandals stupidly early, but it worked out so well that I’m ok now with buying clothes out of season if I find something good.

Saba Ivy Sandal

I like this take on the Espadrille from Seed. They seem less casual.

Seed Avery Espadrilles

I do love the brogue look but I’m not sure the look loves me.

Trenery Perforated Brogue

Another shoe that I love but am not sure about for me are these spotty TOMS. I first saw TOMS at The MomEdit. I love Shana’s look but I have realised just buying a pair of the same shoes won’t make me look like her. Crazy huh? The other day I saw a girl in the shops wearing this spotty pair and they just looked so cute.

TOMS Polka Dot Slip Ons

Ok these shoes have heels so I would never buy then, but I do admire them anyway. I love heels with that front bit of leather. It covers my bone-y feet.

Trenery Glove Heels