I absolutely love clothes shopping in The Netherlands. It must be what average height people feel like when they go shopping. Sleeves are long enough. Dress waists are in the right place. It is magic!

I was reminded of this when I discovered the label Humanoid (via Grit and Glamour).

This is totally my look. I mean I don’t look like this or anything. But I love this style.

The following shots from their site are my favourites. I realised that they also demonstrate how to dress if you have big shoulders.

This first outfit works for big shouldered people because of the open neckline and longer length of the top.

Another method of balancing out big shoulders is scarves and jackets to vertically break up the space.


Wearing one colour helps neutralise the body shape and then the (beautiful blue) scarf is the focus of attention.


The sleeve line draws the eye down. The looser, lighter pants balance the top.


The v line draws the eye down and it breaks up the torso to make it look smaller. The boots add some weight to the lower half to balance the top.


This is just too cool.


This is just too cosy (and possibly unwearable in Australia).


Humanoid style reminds me of Emmanuelle Alt and Capucine Sayfurtlu from French Vogue.