I absolutely love this kitchen that I saw on Houzz today.

Our kitchen cabinet doors and bench tops are this same colour. It’s a dark industrial grey. We don’t have this layout or the stainless steel tops, but we do have mirror splashbacks which I prefer over their tan bricks. We have a browner wooden floor – red oak? – which is absolutely beautiful. So that’s not changing.

What I do like is how this kitchen seems more cosy than ours. Maybe it is more cluttered and multi coloured than ours? Plus the rustic rug helps make it more cosy. IMG_0165.PNG

I love how they have the desk in the room with the blackboard paint wall behind the computer. Normally I hate blackboard paint. I can imagine it gets used for 2 weeks and then never again. For some reason I like it here. Seems less gimmicky.

I love these industrial doors. They have got everything I want in our living room – even the sofa facing the fireplace. There is a TV but it isn’t dominating the room. So clever.


The glass ceiling is such a great idea. I am going to get vintage posters of skiing.


The stair design is great. Very simple.


I just want everything in this room please.