Blog Nostalgia

I thought I’d revisit a couple of old favourites to see how they are doing.


Firstly, Dooce.

This was the site that started me reading blogs. I started reading back when Heather was going through all her post natal issues with her first child.

I used to love this site. I remember going back and back through the archives devouring all her writing. At some point I stopped reading.

If you haven’t visited Dooce it is worth a try. There is a reason why it is such a popular site.

Visit if you like: humour, mental health issues, mommy blogs, photography, interiors, blogging for profit, interesting links.

Another site that I would visit daily back in 2007 was Mamamia.

Initially it was just Mia posting articles she had written about topical events. I used to love joining in on the chat in the comments section. It was funny and friendly. I normally hate the comments section, but I loved this. For a while. Mia would introduce such interesting topics and the debates would be clever.

Then. It got really popular. Loads more trolling. Loads more irritation. Mia engaged other people to write posts who I didn’t necessarily like.

Visit if you like: topical debates, celebrity, mummy blogs, relationships, health, variety.



Another old favourite is Girls Gone Child.

Rebecca is just a beautiful, cool, fierce, hipster, feminist, stylish, earth mother. I started reading when she had 2 kids. Now she has 4 and is still beautiful, eats healthy and dresses well. I loved her writing on family life and topical issues. Her values chime with mine. (Though she lives her values, whereas I just think them and am too lazy to do anything.)

Visit if you like: coolest family ever, lifestyle blog, cooking, fashion, mommy blog, great feminist writing.


That’s it for now. I think I might spend some time now catching up with Heather, Mia and Rebecca. It has been a while. What I realised about all three sites was that they are full of great writing and images and ideas that chime with mine.

They are all also insanely popular.

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