Blog Nostalgia Part Two

After revisiting some old favourite sites the other day, I got inspired to revisit some other blogs that I sort of lost contact with. Like an old friend that moved away, and I see again, and can’t remember why we ever stopped seeing each other.




I first started reading Mimi Smartypants, ooh? a looong time ago. Mimi does not blog for profit. She is one badass mom. She just writes funny short pieces every now and then. What blogging was all about in the early days. Nothing fancy. Just good, funny, cool writing. (She also wrote a book).

Visit if you like: humour, blogs, interesting links.



swiss miss

Swiss Miss was probably my first design blog. Either this or Desire To Inspire. Swiss Miss has THE best links. Amazing design ideas and products from around the world.

Visit if you like: design, technology, interesting links, new products.




Gretchen Rubin’s blog was originally focused on happiness research. That is why it is called, The Happiness Project. This site is an incredible resource for tips and ideas to try out to improve your happiness. She wrote two books on this subject, which I bought, read and loved. Now it seems Gretchen has moved onto the topics of habits, which is a favourite topic of mine, so I think I need to start revisiting this site again more often.

Visit if you like: happiness research, habits, popular psychology.