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My Over 40 Style Blog page is the most popular page on this site, and one of my rules is that I remove blogs from this list that have more than one post saying “Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while”. Some of my favourite blogs post irregularly (mimi smartypants, Allways in Fashion), and that isn’t a deal breaker for me as long as what is posted is interesting.

I know some bloggers feel like they have to post regularly, but sometimes this comes at the expense of interesting and/or original content. Some people clearly treat their blogs like a magazine or a job; scheduling posts and planning ahead. Probably the ones who get ad revenue need to do this. I guess that is what they are getting money for.

Anyways… this is a long way of trying to avoid saying, I haven’t posted in a while. It’s true. I haven’t. I thought I would note down here the reasons why. Because I find them interesting. You, dear reader, may not.


Firstly lack of posting has been due to extreme Imgur addiction. I mean why blog, when you can look at pictures like this water spider with a water droplet for a hat all day?


So, yeah, I’ve become a classic internet addict.


In between hours on the internet, what else have I been doing? Well, I’m glad you asked.

I have been meditating daily (using the Headspace app which makes meditating regularly possible for lazy bums like me).

I have been swimming and walking.

Oh and, shopping. Surprise. Surprise. I bought some TOMS (which I looooove). My toes are not squished. Hoorah.


I bought this Bobby Brown Shadow Stick (by taking out a second mortgage). It is worth the lifetime of poverty because I don’t need to sharpen it, so it lasts longer than a week.


Finally, I have been working on planning our house renovations. Dull, huh? The interesting bit has been learning to use Sketch Up (by watching lots of Youtube videos), browsing Houzz and Desire to Inspire, and pinning all my favourite ideas to Pinterest. The dull bit has been trying to understand council development rules.


As an introvert I don’t particularly want to share my thoughts with a large anonymous audience. I kinda like that most people just go to my list of Over 40 Style blogs, and skip the rest. Occassionally my stats go up and I feel weird about that because, although I don’t really know why I like blogging, I do know it isn’t to build a massive audience of readers.

I like the process of capturing stuff, and I like the discipline of editing it with an audience in mind (so I cut out the more self indulgent stuff (like this whole post), and the over personal, and hopefully the dull). But that’s it. I enjoy the process. I like reading my own blog. But I dread the day someone I know finds it. Hence the anonymity.

Also, I don’t really discuss fashion and stuff with anyone. At all. Ever. I just think about it a lot. My friends would be astonished to know that I spend so much time thinking about it. It is my guilty pleasure.

So between posts, I have been pondering why I keep up this blog (actually ruminating is probably a better word). I think there is no logical answer. I think humans try to pretend that everything is logical and explanable. Sometimes though it is nice to embrace the messy senselessness of it all. Sometimes as human beings we just need to say “I woz here”.


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