In my current mid-life crisis, limbo land, I love finding people who are really good at something small because my own ambitions are so… non existent. I’m not interested in big high achievers. I’m inspired by small achievers. People who take an enjoyable hobby and make it their job. I think I need to start small with my next achievement before I move onto ruling the world.

For example, I am trying to read Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg but I struggle because what she has achieved is so mind blowing, is so beyond my own non existent ambitions, that I can’t focus. It is a great book. Very readable. But I am struggling to get past the idea that some people have such big amazing lives. It’s distracting.

The people who inspire me are those who do something small and personal and they do it well. I get such joy from a job well done (by someone else!).

For example, I know it isn’t really that small but the Headspace app does inspire me, because Andy took something that I find fascinating – meditation – and made it his job. He gets paid to research and practice something that is enjoyable. After all these years of wanting but failing to meditate, this app has got me into the habit and I enjoy my daily sessions so much. The app design is lovely too. I get such joy out of seeing something done well.

Another inspiration is this illustrator, Sarah Candersen, whose comics are so uncanny and true:


Aren’t they great?

This made me realise that this is probably why some people try and make money out of their blogs. What better life than doing something you love and getting paid for it? I do see that. But I still think it is a mistake to sell yourself, your life, your children. Like those people (fashion designers especially) who start up companies using their own name and then when the time comes to sell the company they are selling their own name.

So the outcome of this thinking is that I want to find something where:
a) I’m not selling my life or my name. Because, frankly, who’d buy that? It’s got to be a hobby or an area I enjoy thinking about.
b) I don’t have to deliver something on a daily basis. I don’t have to put something out there if I’m not happy with it just to make a deadline.
c) It’s a product that you create once and resell multiple times. It’s not a personal service where I have to show up every day.
d) There’s a tangible product. I want to say “look what I did mum”.
e) There’s scope for growth. I enjoy learning and improving. I don’t want to just sell protein powder.

That’s as far as I’ve got.