Food Ideas

I have always hated cooking. Eating? I love eating, but cooking not so much. So it has been quite a surprise recently that I have felt this great desire to prepare and eat healthy food. That’s right. Not chocolate. Healthy food.

What I have enjoyed is this feeling of looking after myself. After a day of healthy food I feel like I’ve been kind to myself. It is addictive.

What started this was a Facebook post, of all things, from the Lorna Jane site Move Nourish Believe. The food looked so amazing that I was tempted to try it. Firstly I had to spend what felt like thousands of dollars at the health food store, but as a scientist I do love experiments.

Not all the recipes worked out – the quinoa porridge, and the chocolate and chia cookies were inedible. But other recipes and eating suggestions were great (i.e. I eat them every day now). Below are the recipes from MNB that I like and will continue to use – mostly because they are easy and I feel great after eating them.

Overnight Oats

Everyone in my family loves this. So easy. Such a great breakfast.


Energy Bites

My daughter hates these. I think they are perfect with a cup of tea. The cacao nibs were hard to find. I reckon you could use chocolate or currants or cranberries instead.



I do need snacks. If I don’t eat every 2 or 3 hours I can get migraines, especially after exercising. But I do need to find healthier snacks than a coffee or a diet coke. This site has some great snack ideas based upon food I eat all the time, plus some new foods:


I’m not big on fish but I like tuna, so I do try to eat it at least once a week.


I’m not a big dairy eater but I don’t mind plain yoghurt. Any new topping suggestions are welcome.


I’m actually more into hummous than guacamole. The problem I find with trying to eat healthy is that you need to do so much research. Well, at least, I do. Which is healthier hummous or guacamole? I gotta know. I still will probably stick with the hummous but I am curious all the same.


A lot of what is driving this latest health kick is curiosity. For example, these bliss balls? What on earth do they taste like? They are next on the list to try.

Bon Appetite!