I am currently doing the Appreciation series on my Headspace app. So every day I spend 20 minutes focusing on my feelings of appreciation and gratitude.

I am finding that as the days go on I can really sense how this practice reinforces my appreciation of the little things. It becomes easier to sense, and I am aware of it more often throughout the day. It has helped remind me of how important my family and friends are.


I have already completed the Stress and Anxiety series in Headspace. I thought that’s what I needed help with. But now I am finding the Appreciation series is having a greater, more positive impact. I wonder if focusing on the good helps more than trying to relieve the bad? Or maybe it is just the cumulative effect of meditating for so many days? Maybe I am only starting to notice the effects now?

Anyways. Things are good.

Finally. Finally after all these years I’ve managed to start mediating. I couldn’t have done it without Headspace. I guess lots of people meditate without the app but, for whatever reason, it took the app to get me to practice every day.

Cross that off the bucket list.