Small Packages

I haven’t posted any shop finds for ages. I have been busy at work and trying not to spend and trying not to fill my house with clutter. But a few small things can’t hurt?!

These bar earrings are on my wish list:


I love rustic ceramics. Especially if it is wheel thrown thin pottery with a white glaze:


You know what? You can never have too many bowls:

Also, you can never have too many Glasshouse candles. They have a lid, so are easy to put out. They are in a glass pot, so the wax doesn’t drip everywhere. They smell great and last for ages. I bought this one recently for christmas:


I also like tea candles. I love having friends over for dinner and after the main meal, turning down the lights and just having lots of candles. I love those times:


In fact,now that I look, I want everything from Papaya. I want the whole store. It’s all just so beautiful and amazing.

You see? I started out so modestly and a few minutes later, I’m purchasing the entire contents of a store. I think it is best if I don’t look anymore.