List Mania: Distractions

I used to be a massive magazine junkie. I would buy one or two magazines a week. Plus if I flew anywhere, I loved to buy about four magazines at the airport “for the plane”. It felt so decadent. It was decadent.

Slowly the internet replaced my magazine habit. Firstly I stopped buying the fashion magazines: Vogue, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair. Next the exercise magazines stopped: Women’s Running, Prevention. (The exercise magazines were cheaper than a personal trainer but guilted me into doing something. I don’t need that guilt anymore to get me out the door).


These days I am an Internet junkie. My most frequent reads are:

News: SMH.
Entertaining: Imgur, The Guardian – Life and Style, Post Secret (on Sundays).
Trash: Femail
Houses: Desire To Inspire, Houzz
Design: Swiss Miss
Fashion: I use my own list of Over 40 style blogs.

I regularly look out for other people’s lists to see if there are any sites I have missed. For example, Good Housekeeping has a list of ten inspiring fashion blogs. I am looking forward to working my way through this list, although there already are some favourites such as NDAL and TNMA.

There are so many sites that it is hard to find the gems amongst the stones.


My other way of wasting time is podcasts and audiobooks.

I do Headspace every day.
I have Pema Chodron audio books.
I listen to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.


Plus I am addicted to Threes.

Which basically explains why I rarely watch TV, and why I take so long to read books.