Is it just me?

I used to post style and fashion finds all the time. I loved street style. Online shopping was a real problem for me. I knew the parcel delivery man by sight, as he would visit a few times a month.

Now? I look but I just can’t like any thing. I try! All my favourite stores have either got impractical winter gear (woollen shirts? Too hot! Leather pants? How do you clean them?) or the clothes are not flattering (blanket ponchos anyone?) or both.

I’ve also got sick to death of all the wacky street style, Fashion Week people who just want to get their picture taken. It isn’t new anymore. It seems like the stores have taken their ideas from those clowns rather than from what real people wear.

Is it just me? Has my budgeting worked too well? Is this what happens as you get older? Is this why you see those people wearing 80s clothes decades later?

Or do clothes designers need to get their inspiration more from stylish bloggers, and less from fashion fools?


Atlantic Pacific


Girls of a certain age


Fix this outfit from The Mom Edit

I have spent this morning browsing my favourite Over 40 Style blogs to see if I can find some inspiration. It has just reminded me how interesting the blogosphere is, and how much I prefer it these days to magazines and shops.

It also made me wonder that if I never leave the house again maybe I can give up clothes shopping altogether?