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As a scientist, I love facts. So I’ve been doing a lot of research into weight loss as I need to lose some kilos (about 10).

In the past I’d just run a bit more, but now that I can’t run anymore, and being older too I guess, it’s become harder to lose weight. Well actually impossible.

Ironically the starting point for my scientific research was my favourite Astrology app.


While in no way a believer, I love to read the daily forecast on this app because it is a) inspiring and b) spookily accurate. Anyways this week one of the days read:

If you have been having trouble making a big decision, you need to imagine how each option would unfold as if it actually had. Pretend you are living with the outcome. Picture how it would be if you made choice A or choice B or choice C and so on. Feel the feelings, and think of where each option would lead. For someone who has as vivid an imagination as you do, this is a great way to get to the heart of the matter and to have better insight into what would be best for you.

So that’s pretty much is what I’ve been doing, imagining.


Choice A: Continuing to slowly but surely gain weight. But also doing what I want, and living my life to please myself rather than everyone else. Not giving a damn what everyone thinks. Life’s too short.

Or Choice B: Turning the tide and getting into healthier habits. Not having as many chocolates as I want. Making changes to please other people, but also to have a healthy old age and, I think, to be employable for longer.

Or Choice C. Going all out for a few months to lose the weight and then returning to old habits. To be honest this has been my life so far. I’d either run or ski the weight off, then return to my old ways. (The one downside of getting better at skiing is that I no longer lose weight).


I kinda of want to go with Choice B, but I know that “kinda” isn’t going to cut it. I gotta want it bad. (Or maybe not? Maybe I just gotta do it anyway, whether I want to or not?)

So my research is in three areas.

  • One, looking into motivation to change – do you need it, how to get it and how to keep it.
  • Two, what is a healthy diet for me.
  • Three, how to change your habits.


On the diet side, the hardest part is knowing who or what to believe. There are so many theories. So many contradictions. I have friends doing Paleo, juice fasts, gluten free, sugar free, carb free, low GI and or the 5:2 Fast. Why is it so hard to know what is healthy? I used to think muesli bars were healthy.

I am not an idiot. I do know eat more vegies, less chocolate. Less energy in, than energy out. But we wouldn’t have a world epidemic of obesity if it was that easy. Clearly there are more factors to consider.

I just wish my body came with a manual.



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