After years of looking for a pair of white jeans I finally found a pair that I love at Country Road:

36431_186242_98492 36431_186242_98499

This is exactly what I look like when I wear them (joke).

This is total scientific proof that when you have money and are looking for clothes you can’t find anything. When you aren’t looking, have given up on fashion and are broke then the perfect clothes appear.

I found these while walking home from work one day. I was in a rush. I wanted to get a new pair of work out pants to inspire me to go back to group pilates classes (my old pair were so worn out that the bum was going see through). I just tried these on and it was magic.

They a) fit b) were long enough c) weren’t see through d) were stretchy.

I’ve already dropped food on them, but the joy of white pants is that you can easily bleach them. Hoorah!