Respect Your Feet

As an ex-runner, I never took seriously the shoes I wore while walking because “walking isn’t really exercise”. At first I just wore my old running shoes. Then I bought a pair online without even trying them on. It didn’t matter right? It’s just walking.

At least that is what I used to think. Before I had to call my husband to pick me up because my blisters were so bad I couldn’t walk any more (and couldn’t wear shoes for 2 days afterwards).

After that I invested in some new shoes and I got them properly fit at Athletes Foot.

Now? I looove these shoes. They are from Adidas.


They are so comfortable. <Insert massive long rave about how awesome they are here>

One of the things I have struggled with since my back went (and I can no longer run or do yoga or do weights) is respecting the exercise I do do. Because I no longer can do any good fat burning exercise I feel very defensive (and pathetic) about it all. It is hard to set goals and “reward” myself with new gear because swimming 8 laps non-stop just isn’t the same as running a marathon. People I work with do HIIT and spartan races. I would love to do that. There just aren’t any fun goals for people with back injuries.

So with my new shoes has come the revelations: 1) I still need to set goals and reward myself (and ignore the voice in my head saying “how pathetic”) 2) I really need to permanently change my diet because I no longer can work off the weight by going for a run.

3) I really love my new shoes.