Street Style

Whenever I have a spare moment, one way I like to relax is by browsing fashion or style web sites. It doesn’t tax my brain. In fact I think it totally switches my brain off. Sometimes I will find something I love and post it here, but mostly I browse mindlessly.

However in the last few months I have been totally put off all the style and fashion sites. Don’t know why exactly. Not working much would be part of it. Also at this time of year, when it is still boiling hot but the shops are full of woollens, fashion is kind of off putting. Looking at all those woollens makes me feel hot.

Anyways. A few purchases of exercise clothing seems to have awaken the fashion bug in me. At least it has inspired to revisit my list of street style sites.

Vogue – there’s an Australian Vogue website too, but the U.S. Version is updated more frequently.

Elle – Edited collections of photos grouped by city or fashion week.


Popsugar – Each post is a collection of street style images with a common theme or story, so a good source for trend spotting.

WhoWhatWear – Since last I looked this site has changed its street style to be editorial features with more trend collections and advice.

WhoWhatWear – Now split into three sections – Top Looks, Tommy Ton, and scenes from the streets of Fashion Week.


Vanessa Jackman – I love Vanessa’s photos of off duty models and fashion people in the streets during Fashion Week. Plus she includes her own photos from magazine shoots. 


The Locals – fashion on the streets captured by Søren Jepsen, creator of Copenhagen Streetstyle.

The locals  

Stockholm Streetstyle – Another photographers’ website with fashions that are generally too crazy for my tastes. Beautiful photographs.

The Satorialist – beautiful photographs by Scott Schuman from the street and runway.

Streetpeeper – fun street fashion. In no way resembling what I would wear but still fun to look.


Facehunter – street fashion from all over the world.

While I hate all the current clothes in the shop, and the silly take-my-picture fashion people, I do like to check in occasionally to see if fashion has come good again. So far, so not.


    • I have this theory that I browse shops and editorial fashion when I want to escape into fantasy land.
      I look at street style when I want to get real inspiration.

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