Natural Weight

I have been unable to exercise for the last few days due to a bad ear infection. So I have been lying around, browsing the Internet and eating out of boredom.

This article on natural weight caught my eye.

I guess it’s nothing new, but I’ve realised through my reading on how the brain works that we need to regularly repeat things in order to strengthen the connections we want to keep in the brain and to keep the memory alive. 

I have included the ideas that inspire me the most below.

Sarah Wilson is the author of the bestselling I Quit Sugar books and website

Eat protein. This …is like putting a log on your metabolic fire. It will stay burning for four or five hours. Sugary snacks and refined carbohydrates are like adding a bit of kindling.
Don’t be afraid of hunger. We have forgotten that it is good for our stomachs to rest between meals. 
Stop thinking about weight. You are aiming for a state of food freedom, a place where you eat to nourish yourself,… Focus on noticing the other benefits of eating well… how good their skin starts to look. …their energy levels.

Geneen Roth is a specialist in eating and emotions, and is the author of nine books including the bestselling Women, Food and God

Find the good in your life. The more you identify the good in your life, the less you feel the need to fill the gaps with food.
Silence your inner critic. The more critical you are of yourself the more likely you are to soothe yourself with food. 
Don’t be afraid to feel. …unless you work out your feelings rather than eating them, you will always have a weight problem.

Susan Hepburn is a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist based in Harley Street, London.

Put getting to your natural weight at the top of your to-do list. Ask yourself how much you want to change things. Once you know, make it a priority.

My goal now I think is to reach my natural weight, and I want to achieve it this year. 

Better get a move on!