Sunday Morning

I have spent this morning lying in bed browsing the Vogue Paris FW Street Style pictures. I lived in France for a year, many, many years ago. The sight of the trees and the cobblestones makes me start to reminisce about that magic year.

I’d love a job where I could go to France every year. I don’t want to live there – I don’t get the French sense of humour – but I’d sure like to visit often.

Here are my favourites of the 100 or so pictures in the Vogue gallery:

I love this colour blue:

The belt really makes this outfit look great:

It’s all about the combination of neutral colours:

The two girls on the right look great. Interesting but not crazy:

Maybe I should dye my hair red? I love this hair colour and the long sleeves:

I want this jacket. Please.

The cut on this jacket is so flattering. I love big collars. I think the fake collar works here to emphasise the waist tailoring.

This outfit is the kind of thing I’d wear. Just not the big skirt. I’d go for a longer skit:

A new style crush for me:

A good combination of black and white. Again the jacket makes this outfit:

Fashion crazy isn’t always a bad thing:

Just a little crazy is a good thing:

I’m wondering if I could go blonde 🙂

Another stunning jacket. Great colour, great shape and a big collar. Tick:

Mustard and blue wins over yellow and black:

I do like this combination of colours – navy, mustard, purple and gold:

I love this skirt and the shoes. In fact I think this is a great example of stylish and interesting without being crazy:

So stylish it hurts:

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