School Holidays

It has been school holidays here for the last two weeks in Sydney. I haven’t had much work on, so I have been mostly hanging out with my daughter. She likes shopping. So on the plus side I have been getting lots of walking exercise. One day we spent 3 or 4 hours visiting every make up shop in the shopping mall. Torture.

Another day (we really have been to a lot of shops) we went to H&M at Macquarie Centre, where the queue for the change room was somewhere between 15 and 20 minutes, then the same again to pay. So… of course I ended up buying something for myself too.

A great fleece jacket for my daily walks.

I ended up rewarding myself with a trip to Trenery. Firstly I got a pair of jeans because I liked the colour. They are a great slim cut, with a nice long length so they look good around the ankles.

Next I got a big fuzzy jacket. The zippers on this jacket are quite dramatic. The collar is a lot more wavy and cool than in this picture. This looks good with my darker denim and striped tops.


This cardigan is my favourite buy. The wool is so soft. It has a flattering shape – I have to avoid short, boxy tops at all costs. It has a nice woven pattern in the front panels.

I have been searching and searching for a replacement pair of smoking slippers. What I have been looking for are slippers with a high front (it needs to cover the top of the foot – these aren’t ballet slippers), fabric topper (not tough leather) and a tassel. I couldn’t find any with a tassel (that weren’t $500), but these loafers from Trenery will do fine. So comfy but a step above my TOMS.

Thanks to my daughter who helped me buy these. I usually shop alone, so it was a real novelty to have someone help me choose (and tell me something looks nice on me).