Same Same

Reading this article about an art director, Matilda Kahl, who wears the exact same thing every day was very reassuring to me. 

I try and fight my own inclination to wear similar outfits every day – flats or sneakers, skinny or slim jeans, long top and a jacket with a waterfall collar or a scarf – but my uniform is the only thing that suits my shape and height. When shopping I try on other things – patterns, dresses – but they never suit me or I am not confident wearing them.

Now, after reading the article, I think that rather than trying to change my wardrobe, I should embrace my style and stick to it. It does take the stress out of getting ready in the morning. Maybe a uniform is a good thing?

The main problem with a uniform is that it can get dull. There are days when I look in my wardrobe and think, I don’t want to wear anything here. Another problem is that if I showed to work up every day in exactly the same thing, the people at work would start to question my sanity. It is a bit weird for a woman to wear a uniform.

My solution is to keep to the same style and just vary the colours. I entertain myself by playing with colour combinations. 

I like mustard and blue:


Green and pink:

Purple and navy:

Grey and white:

 Or all black with large silver jewellery:


I like to think about clothes, except when I don’t.