And… I’m back

Thanks to the wonderful Australian health care system, and the powers of Endone, I am back home and feeling good. (The hospital really has to do something about the constant dinging of the call button. The silence at home is heaven after the nonstop noise).

I’ve got a few days before my results come back. So in the meantime I’m planning on doing lots of nothing and lots of mental distractions, like online shopping. Well, online window shopping, if I’m good.
I love these Fluevog boots.

I don’t even bother looking at heels anymore. There’s also a real risk with heeled boots and pants that you get that 80’s look. A bit fast food worker.

Whereas you can imagine these boots looking great will some skinnies. The zips are cool but not too mutton as lamb.

Must not shop while on pain killers. Rule number one.