Bags It

Is it new handbag time? Uh. Kind of. I’m sure to need one someday soon. A bit of research can’t hurt?

I love this version of the Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC with the black hard wear instead of the usual silver details: 
I used to have a Mini MAC in the silver leather. I loved it. The chain was surprisingly heavy, which was cool. It felt like a weapon. Unfortunately the silver leather thing was a bad idea as it wore out/ rubbed off pretty fast. Faster than the rest of the bag wore out.

This Mini Crosby style is tempting too (at 15x23cm it is the same size as the Mini MAC, just my image is smaller):

I love the stripes and the tassel on this bag from Lauren Merkin but I’m worried it it too big (it is 21×29 cm):

Maybe something a bit sleek from Vince (although I fear it is unlined)?

This is the one that I really, really want. It is from Loeffler Randall.

It is absolutely perfect for me. I prefect clutches. It’s a good size. Lined. Silver goes with everything.

The only thing is that it is a bit pricey. I prefer to change my bag every 6 months or so, but at $300+, that isn’t something you can do. Also it is silver leather. I can’t make the same mistake twice. So tempted though!