Window Shopping

Nothing like a bit of fantasy shopping on a rainy Sunday. Today, I’ve been looking at small cross body bags.

My criteria for cross body bags:

  • They can’t be too big. Since I’ve been carrying a clutch for the last few years, I’ve really embraced minimalist living, and can’t face going back to the 1kg+ back breaking monsters.
  • It can’t be too wide, or else it does that flappy thing as you walk.
  • The strap can’t be too long. Top of buttocks is best.
  • A decent clasp, or else you lose all your belongings.
  • Nice leather. I’m too old for a plastic bag with no linings.
  • Must fit phone. Or else forget about it.

How about a Longchamp Quadri cross-body bag to start?

The Furla Metropolis is another tempting option:



The Mulberry Mini Lily has a lovely chain strap:

The Liv Crossbody from Coach is another option:

In the more realistically priced, but still well made category, is the mini Chloe bag from Arlington Milne: