Bucket List

I’m not planning on dying any time soon, but I have felt the need to write a bucket list recently. I’m kind of curious as to what would be on it since I’ve never thought about it longer than two seconds.

1. More skiing. Basically when ever I think: “what do I wish I was doing now?” The answer is always to go skiing. I’d like to ski:

  • In France, Italy and Canada again.
  • Get more lessons. Like do a month with a daily lesson.
  • Do a whole season somewhere
  • Have Christmas in the snow

2. I’d like cool ski jacket. I’ve always worn my Henson one from the 90’s. I’d like a colourful jacket. 

3. Iceland. I’d like to visit once, and preferably see a Sigur Ros concert there.

4. Amsterdam again. I’d like a couple of weeks in Amsterdam. Riding bikes. Shopping. Visiting art galleries. Shopping.

5. LA and New York again. More shopping. Where I don’t feel guilty about spending the money, I can find clothes that fit and I don’t worry about how they are going to fit in my suitcase.

6. I’d like to have an adult sofa and rug. Neither being from IKEA.

7. I’d like to get super fit; able to swim for 1 kilometre non stop.

8. Live in a house right on the beach for a month and just do nothing for a month but chill out.

9. Own an Audi (I know right? So uncool). Maybe just for a week. Then get a Fiat 101 or something. That’s more my kind of car. Easier to park.

10. Fly first class and not feel bad about the cost. Preferably on the way to a ski holiday.

11. Do a wellness retreat for a week with lots of massages and meditation.

12. Have a golden retriever. For this I would need a house with a backyard.

13. Be a grandmother. I’d like to be around when my daughter grows up and has children.

That’s about it. Can’t think of anything else.