This skirt has such great pockets that I don’t care how it looks, how it doesn’t suit my body type, it’s too short, I have no waist. It has pockets!

Now the hard part is working out what to wear with it.

Flats? I look like a librarian. Which isn’t a terrible look for me. In fact, over playing the nerdiness is an option. Cue glasses and cardigan and beehive.  

Ankle boots. I can’t find my ankle boots! I stored them (somewhere) for winter but now I can’t remember where. Sigh. I really need to do a clear out.
In my hunt I found a stash of old shoes (when my back went and I put away all my heels). Last night I wore the skirt with these heels (since my back is now pretty good).

The shoes looked great. The skirt looked a bit funny, but, pockets!
I did also find my knee high boots which i could wear at a stretch.
Still trying to get my head around it. What would Olivia do?