I absolutely love my new handbag from Fossil. I am wondering if this is my favourite bag ever. I absolutely love the colour. The leather is gorgeous (all Fossil bags have the best leather. Thick but supple). The size is great. It fits all my stuff!

It has got me reminiscing about all the handbags I have had over the years….

In the 90s, I was a big fan of the small backpack. Hands free! No dancing around my handbag at the disco. It was convenient AND stylish. Ha!

A few years later and I was living it up in London. Weekends were often spent popping over to Italy or France. The shoulder bag that fit right in my armpit became my bag of choice. Hard to pick pocket. More grown up.

I even bought my one and only designer bag. A Gucci Jackie.

After my daughter was born, I had a series of those bottomless bags that weigh a ton and expand forever. My husband  would refuse to look into it because he could never find anything. In my defence, the bag held face wipes and snacks and all the other junk that goes with kids. So technically it was not my stuff.

A few years later, and I could finally use a normal size bag again. One of my favourites from this time was my Rebecca Minkoff mini-MAC. The only problem with it was that the silver coating wore off or I’d probably be using it still.

As this blog attests I had many years of using a clutch.

 Partly because for work I often carried around a laptop, so it was easiest to chuck a clutch handbag in with the laptop. Any fancy chains or handles would just get mixed up with the cables. Simple was best. Also, around this stage my back went, so I needed to lighten the load.

Now? Now I have 6 months of chemo, so I’m not working. Not planning to anyway. I have to carry around extra stuff like hand sanitisers, suntan lotion, sunglasses, lip balm, etc etc. So I need a bigger bag.

Luckily this led me to get the Fossil Sydney Satchel, which is perfect for winter. Leather bags don’t work in Sydney in summer, but until then, no more handbag shopping for me.