9 Shoe Trends

One site / app I look at occasionally is PopSugar

I like the street style and fashion posts.

This post on shoe trends caught my attention with its 9 shoe trends. I’m so happy that so many of these trends are for flat shoes. Hopefully this will increase the number of interesting flats in the shops.

1. Lace Me Up. I love the many options in this style from the thin laces to the thicker straps.


2. Mules. I’m kind of glad this trend from the 90s/ early 00s has come back, so I don’t feel so bad looking at old pictures of me wearing them. Done it once. Never again.

If had to do it, I’d go for a neutral colour with a chunky heel.


3. Brogues and Loafers. Oh, how I regret throwing out my old Italian brogues! 



4. Punchy pumps. I don’t wear heels, so not a trend for me. The trend is about pointy toe shoes with thinish heels.


If I did wear heels, I would probably have lots of pairs with multiple straps or laces. 


5. Street Slides. I have had Birkenstocks in the past. I prefer slides with two straps so they don’t look like something you’d wear in the shower at the gym.


Country Road 

6.Sneakers. I prefer the plainer plimsoll type sneakers (Vans, Converse) but I absolutely loved the Rita Ora collection for Adidas.


7. Playful Platforms. I’m tall enough already. I would never wear platforms, apart from maybe clogs.


8. Fancy Flats. As a flat shoe wearer I hope this trend will bring some more interesting flat shoes. So often the cool shoes only come with heels.

Django and Juliette 

9. Gladiators. Not a style I have ever liked funnily enough, but I don’t mind the versions that don’t have straps half way up the leg.