Over 40 Style Blogs

Here’s my collection of over 40 style blogs.

I regularly update this list to reflect the blogs that I like. Hopefully you will find some gems.

UPDATED: 30 June 2018.                 Enjoy!

As always, everyone’s tastes are different. So please don’t take my opinion too seriously. Check them all out. You might find some gems here that you love.

My favourites – the style blogs that I regularly visit.

  1. Girls of a Certain AgeInteresting links and fashion finds from Kim France.
  2. That’s Not My AgeEntertaining articles on style from Alyson Walsh.
  3. The Online StylistClassy fashion finds from a fashion industry insider.
  4. Styling You Nikki Parkinson keeps it real. I love her Model and Mes.
  5. Allways in FashionInteresting writing about style with clever images.

Bookmark worthy – I don’t visit these sites every week, but I visit them when I have time to kill.

  1. A key to the Armoire – Classy OOTD site with a focus on colour combinations.
  2. A Pocketful of Polka Dots – How to look fabulous with bright red hair.
  3. A Well Styled Life – OOTD and style advice.
  4. Accidental Icon – Smart and fabulous.
  5. Ask Suzanne Bell – I like the look of this site.
  6. Brenda Kinsel – Love her style.
  7. Cab for Mrs Mutton – Funny fashion writing. Infrequent posts.
  8. Cashmere Lover – Lots of beautiful runway and designer images
  9. Catherine GraceO – Very fashionable.
  10. Chic over 50 – Great hair. Interesting style.
  11. Does my bum look 40 in this – *Kat shops a lot and I like her funny writing.
  12. Ephemera One awesome wardrobe.
  13. Everything Just So – Link up to “How I Wear…”
  14. Fabulous After 40 – Magazine-like style advice from Deborah Boland.
  15. Fashion Should be Fun – Fun, wearable OOTDs with style blog link ups.
  16. Funky FortyNEW
  17. High Heels in the Wilderness – A mix of blog with OOTD.
  18. Highland Fashionista – *One of the cooler OOTD sites.
  19. Inside Out Style BlogImogen Lamport is a style consultant.
  20. Jacket Society I like the look of this site.
  21. J’Adore Couture – *One of the better OOTD blogs.
  22. Keeping it Fabulous – Fashion and lifestyle. NEW.
  23. Kremb de la Kremb – Great fashion articles and links.
  24. Look for the Woman – Women at work.
  25. Mama in Heels – An inspiring mum blog with OOTD and food.
  26. Midlife Chic – I like the look of this site.
  27. More Than Turquoise – I like the look of this site.
  28. My Small Wardrobe – OOTD blog. Great style.
  29. Not Dressed as Lamb – *One of the better OOTD sites.
  30. Privilege – An interesting combination of ideas and fashion.
  31. She She ShowI like the look of this site.
  32. Silver is the New Blonde I like the look of this site.
  33. So What to Twenty – Californian OOTD with some inspirational writing
  34. Square Pearls – *Love her style.
  35. Style Crone – Another fabulous OOTD site
  36. Style Nudge – One of the better style sites with great OOTDs and links to other sites.
  37. Stylish Paradox I like the look of this site.
  38. Susan after 60 – Classy OOTD. Previously “Fifty not frumpy”.
  39. Tamera Beardsley – *A love-filled website. Inspiring words and styling.
  40. Tanya FosterI like the look of this site.
  41. The Age of Grace – Lovely OOTD. Very stylish.
  42. The Art Muse – Gorgeous images and OOTD.
  43. The Elle Diaries – New York OOTD site.
  44. The Middle PageI like the look of this site.
  45. The Silver StylistI like the look of this site.
  46. The Vivienne Files – This site has loads of polyvore type outfit ideas.
  47. Trend Survivor – An inspiring Lifestyle website that includes food and fashion.
  48. Une Femme d’un Certain Age– Realistic, stylish OOTD and fashion finds.
  49. Valley of the Shoes – Some really great OOTD. Not so much about shoes.
  50. You Look Fab – Style advice by Angie Cox.

So, there you go, 55 sites full of interesting writing, great styling, things found and captured.

How did I get this list?

These are blogs that met my criteria.

Basic criteria:

– it was a STYLE blog (this meant that lots of awesome blogs I found were culled because they were too diary-ish).
– the blog wasn’t half filled with ads or broken links or used some 90’s template.
– the blog was updated in the last fortnight and is updated more than once a month
– each blog entry didn’t start: sorry I’ve been busy

– either I found myself reading each entry
– or I loved the images (there was good photography or great outfits)
– or there were links to shopping items or funny stories that matched my taste.

Thank you ladies.