Rainy Day

It’s a rainy day in Sydney.

Rainy Canva

You need an umbrella in Sydney. It doesn’t rain as often as in other cities, but when it does rain, it absolutely buckets down. In London there’s often a gentle drizzle which hardly wets you at all (just wrecks your hair). It doesn’t rain like that in Sydney. Ever.

A raincoat is a good idea (especially if you walk a lot) because an umbrella will often not cut it. My raincoat is an old Calvin Klein one that I bought at Century 21 in NYC in the 90s. It gives me such pleasure that I still get use out of it. Imagine what the cost-per-wear is?!

Gumboots (Wellingtons. Rain boots) are optional. They are fun to wear, but impossible to drive in. I have a pair but don’t get much use out of them. Maybe once or twice a year? Given how much space they take up, they aren’t worth it really.

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