Fashion Weak

Is it just me, or are the outfits outside fashion weeks more silly than ever? Did so many people dress so crazy at fashion weeks in the past? Or has it got a lot more silly in recent years?


I do enjoy perusing the Philip Oh photos in Vogue. They really give you a sense of this other world – the Fashion Week world. It’s entertaining, but not inspirational. Fun to look at, but also they look like a bunch of conformists rebels – like a bunch of emos or punks.

Recently I had the revelation that the world of runway shows is a dying industry – runway shows themselves no longer garner the same amount of attention that they used to. 

I do wonder if we are finally seeing the result of the fashion industry sabotaging themselves – by ignoring the complaints about anorexic models and unwearable, unflattering clothes made by gay men for flat chested girls who resemble young boys?


The rest of the world has given up. We have voted with our attention spans. 

Old school fashion magazines and designers like to think the world is still interested in their anorexic, women hating vision. But I don’t think it is.


People pay more attention to what people wear TO the runway shows than to the shows themselves.


Bloggers and instagrammers are more influential these days. They drive the fashion agenda. They decide what is cool. 


Fashion designers have tried to keep runway shows relevant by inviting bloggers to their shows, and gifting them their overpriced goods.


Presumably it is only a matter of time before they do away with the runway altogether and just photograph bloggers wearing their goods in the street.


I see the runway world as having less and less relevance as time goes on. Like VHS video or vinyl or something. The world has moved on and the fashion industry is changing. 

I reckon it is a good thing.


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