Still Here

Since May 2015, I have been under treatment for breast cancer (honestly, it hasn’t been that bad). My lack of posting here doesn’t reflect how difficult the treatment has been. I am ok. I have had no real reason to not post… apart from not feeling like it. 


Some of my favourite bloggers don’t post all the time – Mimi Smartypants – so I don’t feel so bad about it.

Part of it has been that my thoughts are full of cancer, and I don’t want to record it here. This is where I record stuff I like, ideas I like. I don’t like cancer one bit.

Part of it has been that I haven’t been into the style blogs at all recently, because what I wear doesn’t matter, and I don’t have the time or money to shop. This has been a big change for me.

How have I been passing the time?

Cryptic crosswords, sudoku, Reddit. I love The Big Fat Quiz and  Masters of Flip on YouTube/TV (I don’t watch TV much). I have 3 hour daytime naps. I drink lots of tea.

I don’t know… The days just pass somehow. 

They would have passed anyway.