Short Hair

My hair is currently very short. I like to call it a pixie hair cut but it is actually shorter than that. It’s really a buzz cut. Kind of like this:


I have been looking for inspiration for what to wear with my extremely short hair (now that I can no longer face wearing a wig or a scarf).

I’ve been looking at what celebrities wear:


What fashion people wear:



The main goal is to avoid “the pin head” look. A long neck, or the illusion of a long neck, should be the main aim. You also don’t want a sack or box body shape, so you need to either emphasize your waist, or wear a tight skirt or pants.

After looking at a lot of pictures, I’ve noticed that the successful looks share the following features:

  • Long lines – long pants, knee length (or longer) skirts and dresses.
  • Necklines are often low to lengthen the neck.
  • Jackets, scarves or long necklaces can be used to draw the eye down.
  • Long sleeves or thick straps reduce the shoulder width.
  • Nothing too frilly or girly.

Option 1. The Hippy.

I’m thinking harem pants, flat shoes, clogs:

Option 2. The Minimalist.

This means structured clothing. No patterns. Lots of black:

Option 3. The Apple.

Key to this look is loose tops and tight pants:

Option 4. The Dandy.

A masculine feel due to the style of trousers. Softened with a scarf:


Option 5. The Simplified Girl.

Skirts and dresses are doable but need to be fairly body hugging (no sacks unless you are Jennifer Lawrence):

I know that these pictures aren’t of buzz cuts, but I have looked and looked, and this is the best I could find. I don’t think it is unintentional that most pictures of women with short hair only show them in close up. Often short hair flatters the face but not the body. It’s a hard look to pull off, especially if you are not a model or actress.

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