The Minimalist

Given my buzz cut hair style, the look for me, until my hair grows, is all black (or navy). I have a few events coming up and my pre-chemo clothes just don’t work with my very short hair. I either look very butch or very ill.

So I went shopping!

Before you get too jealous, you have to picture this as an act of desperation. I spent years weaning myself off black clothes. So being forced to go back now is hard. After much trial and error I found that it really is the only style that makes my buzz cut look stylish rather than cancer patient.

Luckily for me I looked in at Veronika Maine and basically could have bought half the clothes. Or at least spent a good $1000 more than I did.

(You have to picture these clothes with someone with a buzz cut).


These are not black but they were a flattering cut:

I also bought a pair of cropped, skinny jeans from Country Road. I can not compliment these jeans enough. Super stretchy. They sit about 2 inches above my ankle so work well with shoes with ankle straps.


I saw some other good basic tops at Country Road too, but I’d already blown my budget at Veronika Maine.


Ever since I was a kid I’ve had a thing for ponchos and capes. Given my wide shoulders they don’t suit me at all. But I still love them.


Some more street style inspiration for my new minimalist look:

Spending the money was painful but it had gotten too hard to go outside while feeling so conspicuous. Fashion as therapy!