Window Shopping

Sometimes I love to “window shop” online. This is where I look for clothes with no intention of buying. Kind of like fantasy football.

I also like to work out how much it would cost, to determine exactly how much money I am saving.

Today I window shopped at Birdsnest and found the following collection of things that meet my current “all black clothing” requirements.

Earrings / Necklace / Bracelet / Shirt / Dressy Chino / Scarf / Shorts / Nordic Fusion shoes.

That’s a total of $496.

I love the cropped trousers with clogs look. I think silver jewellery looks so sophisticated with black. I love the thin black scarf mini-trend.

They also had some little black dresses, which I would love to try:

Ciara Dress $265 / Long Sleeve Shift $130 / Split Sleeve Shift $110.

I chose the dresses as they are knee length and have flattering necklines. They would work well alone, or with a colourful kimono or long jacket.

So tempted!