Planning in Polyvore

I find it helpful sometimes to plan my work outfits in Polyvore. 

It gives me a sense of what I need to buy before I’m getting dressed in the morning and realise I have nothing to wear. 

I’m also trying to work out what I can still use in my wardrobe given my short hair, chest scars and weight gain. Oh, and I have to dress more formally than usual.


I bought these grey cropped pants and this grey tweed jacket to go with my existing top. This top is one of my favourites. The high collar suits my short hair. I normally wear it with jeans but I can’t wear them for this job.

I just love loafers with tassels, so I’m giving this black leather pair a try. My old pair of black shoes broke at the shopping centre. I bought a brown pair of ballet flats straightaway so I wasn’t walking around barefoot. I love my brown ballet slippers but unfortunately they don’t go with much. 

Unfortunately polyvore is shut down.

Problems: I was all excited about this last night but now I think it is dull and I wonder if the shirt fabric matches the jacket. Plus I don’t have a black handbag.


I wore this top to the job interview. I realised too late that the pants I wore with it were more like jeggings and the top was too short for them. So I spent the interview holding my handbag in front of my crotch. Nice!

Afterwards I bought a new pair of black work pants. 

Unfortunately polyvore is shut down.

The Problem: I’m not sure the neckline of the shirt goes with the jacket. I’m not sure that the blacks all match.


I actually bought a third pair of work pants – this pair are cropped. Normally I wear jeans with this top. 

Unfortunately polyvore is shut down.


This is an old outfit of mine. A very traditional skirt suit style. This jacket is navy blue so unfortunately it doesn’t go with my black shirts. I had to replace my white shirt that I usually wear as it didn’t hide my scars on my chest. 

Problem: I’m a bit worried that wearing a skirt will look dumb with my short hair.

Unfortunately polyvore is shut down.


I’m not sure if they do smart casual Friday. I hope so! I do have a few other tops and skirts I could try but I’m hoping that I can get away with jeans. 

Unfortunately polyvore is shut down.

I bought the long jacket last year. I’m not totally sure about it. It has always seemed a bit too dressed up. Maybe now it will make sense?!

I’m a bit sad at how boring these outfits are. I guess that’s just how it is when you are starting over. For now, I have no choice but to “go back to basics”. I hope I can experiment later once the basics are in place.

On my shopping list

1) A black handbag. It is $900. Too much for me, but I absolutely love it.

2) Black ballet slippers. The same as my brown pair. I do love them.

3) Another jacket. 

I will keep my eye out for another jacket. Not black but something I can wear with black pants and top. For now this is in the “too hard basket”, and hopefully won’t be necessary.


My conclusion is that my work wardrobe is a dull and mismatched mess. No wonder I always feel like I have nothing to wear! 

This is why I like doing this activity in Polyvore. At least now I have a start and can build upon that. I know what problems I need to solve and I have a shopping list. Ok it is only for one week, but I can mix and match a lot of it. Basically, if I can’t even make 5 good separate outfits (so I’m not wearing the same shoes or shirt or jacket every day), then I am in trouble!

Lucky I have some time to fix this.