What happens when you buy a dud pair of shoes? Do you cry? No! You buy another pair.

I love this pair of shoes from Sofia Cruz. They are comfortable to walk in, classy but a bit different. Tick. Tick. Tick.

I think they will also work better in winter than a pair of ballet flats. Ballet flats with tights always looks a bit off to me.

Speaking of which, the leather on my ballet flats is falling apart. The leather can not take my walk to work. They only lasted about a month. I did wear them a lot, but still. Piss poor quality.

With winter coming I am also contemplating a pair of ankle boots. The dilemma is that I do walk to work so they need a low heel or they need to be flat. I have skinny calves so I need something not too chunky, but I don’t want Christmas elf type boots.

I’ve been looking for some inspiration….but so far have only really found things I don’t love, love. I think the flat ankle boot thing is more a comfort choice, than a great look. And there’s nothing wrong with comfortable shoes.

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