Summer is On

After not shopping much for over a year, summer has just arrived and I was facing the prospect of going out wearing my Havaiana thongs (which I normally only wear in the gym shower) as I had no other sandals that suit my very, very short hair and new all black wardrobe.

(My theory, to hide the reason behind my short hair, is to dress like an all black wearing fashionista who decided to get a pixie cut. If I wear much of my old clothes (the ones that still fit), it can look very weird with my haircut. It’s mostly a concern for work where I do not want them to know. I think that is a legit concern. I also don’t want to embarass my teenage daughter. I think if I didn’t work or have a child I wouldn’t care so much, but to be honest some days I need to look OK just for myself).

These shoes from Baia Vista are very comfortable and the buckles give them a retro touch:


These ankle boots(?) from Baia Vista will be perfect for work (and I can probably get away with not having a pedicure). I’m sadly excited by these shoes which are a flat version of the boots I’ve loved (but not been able to get because I’ve only previously seen them with heels):


My favourite (and on my feet as I type) are these sandals from Lili Mili:


Hard to see from the pic above but the ankle strap has a kind of 1920s vibe to it.

Australian retailers must be breathing a sigh of relief. The shopping bug is back!

Is anyone else like me and prone to the occasional big buy versus the more frequent small shops?