Short hair 

I finished chemo more than a year ago but my hair has grown so slowly that it is still less than 3 inches long. It is a thing.

In some ways it is fun to have short hair (I tell myself. I certainly would never have chosen to cut my hair this short). It is very quick to style, and I sure don’t miss spending 20 minutes doing my hair every morning. Plus growing so slowly means I only have to cut it every 3 to 4 months.

I could do without not looking like “me” every time I look in the mirror. Unfortunately I just have to suck it up and make the best of it.

Some links

For inspiration I mostly look at Pinterest. I haven’t found much on the internet to inspire me apart from these sites:

Some styling products

Here’s what I use on my hair that can recommend.

First of all I love my tangle teezer. TTs give a nice head massage. My hair is too short to tangle but it works a dream on detangling my daughter’s long hair.

I have become obsessed with styling products.

My hair is curlier after chemo especially at the front and crown so I need strong hold products to just get my hair to look normal. Mostly the strong hold products are matte (low shine). I’ve been using this Fudge one even though I am always looking for a better solution. So I can’t recommend it per se, but it is what I use for now.

Given the matte look to the wax I then need to apply a shine to stop it looking weird. My latest solution is basically hair spray. Not for the hold but for the shine. Tigi Headrush is perfect for this.

I also have been experimenting with soft wax products. They have less control but the end result is more natural. If I didn’t have my weird ultra curly sections I would just use these. I have 3 favourites:


Tigi Joyride

This one – Ouai’s Matte Pomade – smells like gardenias. Wonderful.

Last but not least is a hair dryer. I do sometimes put product in my wet hair, let it dry naturally and then “break it up” a bit. When it dries all stiff. But it never looks as natural as when it is blow dried.

Pinterest has lots of great short hair style inspiration too.