Style Crush: Beatrice

I haven’t has a style crush moment in a while. After reading this post at Popsugar, Princess Beatrice is my new style crush. (There are 76 photos and they get better as they go on. Make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy).

What I like is that what she wears is interesting and different, but not silly fashion-y.

beatrice 1

She re-wears things. I hate the whole wear something once thing. It’s disgusting.

beatrice 5

It’s fun to see what she wears but she doesn’t go into the realm of fancy dress like some Fashion Week people

beatrice 6

Her style wouldn’t suit me – I don’t have a waist – so I don’t want her clothes. (I like looking at them though). She does good accessories.

beatrice 3
beatrice 4

Her coats and hats are cute too.

I love the look of her shoes (but I don’t wear heels).

beatrice 2

Saving these for inspiration for the next wedding I attend. That’s about the only time I get dressed up these days.