Change of pace

I’m afraid that fashion is quite dead to me at the moment, although I still get lots of traffic to my list of Over 40 Style blogs, which ironically I no longer visit and no longer maintain.

The reason?

I have found life post-cancer treatment to be very difficult. I’ve struggled to stay on Tamoxifen, I’ve gained weight comfort eating, my hair doesn’t really grow (it’s about two inches long) and I’m worried it, the cancer, will come back.


So now I don’t always want to read blogs that focus on trivial stuff. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I appreciate the distraction. Sometimes I am so jealous of these people with their easy lives, that I just can’t take it.

So what?

So from now on I am going to record here stuff I am doing to try and improve my life and health. I will use this blog to collate stuff I find useful so that I can easily find it again.